Every Tuesday since last October I’ve chosen three prompts at random and posted them on Instagram for people to draw. I call this Transmundane Tuesdays. (Transmundane means existing outside of the physical or visible world.) Creative prompts are just ideas or concepts that help spark ideas. People use them to inspire visual art, poetry, songwriting, you name it. Whether we are kids or grownups, people who never draw or people who draw every single day, we all have visual things we gravitate towards. I am always drawing women’s heads in profile. Maybe you are always drawing steamships or dogs or landscapes or gothy manga people. We all have our thing. The great thing about prompts, especially prompts chosen at random, is that they force us off of our well-worn creative paths into new territory. And when we’re in new territory, drawing things we wouldn’t usually draw, we learn things.

Today - continuing on in the vein of past Tuesdays - I’m posting three prompts for you to draw. I made up these prompts myself. There are about 90 of them in three color-coded categories on little slips of paper and I choose them at random from three blue cups in my studio every Tuesday morning. Together, the three prompts describe a creature. Your assignment is to draw (or paint or or collage or whatever) this creature. If you want to share your work or check out the work of others, use these Instagram hashtags: 

Okay, here are your prompts. Do with them what you wish. Check out the hashtags above, especially  #transmundanetuesdays, if you need some inspiration. Have fun!