Hello. Do you have all the time in the world to write tons of words on little slips of paper? Excellent.

Yesterday the assignment was to draw a picture inspired by three prompts chosen at random by me. Today the assignment is to make your own set of prompts. Here’s how:

成人版快手First, come up with three categories. The categories I use for my own prompts are:

MUNDANE: these are descriptive words and phrases that are not very out-of-the-ordinary, like BUSHY EYEBROWS, BEAUTIFUL EYES, or CARRYING A BABY.

TRANSMUNDANE: these are descriptive words and phrases that ARE out-of-the-ordinary. Transmundane means not of the physical or visible world. These prompts are weird, unearthly, or supernatural, like HAS THE HEAD OF A FROG, GLOWS, or IS A GIANT.

GARB: these are words that describe attire, like WEARING A BIG HAT, WEARING A MAGIC RING, or WEARING SKIS.

You can use my categories or come up with your own but your prompts will work better - be more interesting, and less redundant - if you have three distinct categories. Here are some other category ideas: Animals, Professions, Colors, Moods, Hobbies, Foods, Locations, Characters from Books, Props, Hairstyles, Monsters, etc. etc. Choose three.

Next, think of as many things as you can in each category and write them down on slips of paper. It’s important to keep the three categories separate - mine are color-coded so I can easily sort them into piles. The more prompts you have the better. I have about 90 of them. Which is a lot! You could start with 30 - ten in each category - and add more anytime. Put the prompts in three bowls (or hats or coffee mugs), close your eyes, and choose one prompt from each category. Now open your eyes, marvel at this funny combination, and draw it! You can also write a story or a poem or a song to accompany your drawing. If you want to share it, use these Instagram hastags:

成人版快手Make sure to post your prompts along with your art so we can see them. Here’s an example. Okay, have fun! Stay home! Wash your hands!