成人版快手Contour drawings are pictures made using only lines - no colors or shading. There are many kinds of contour drawing exercises. Sometimes you draw fast; sometimes you draw very slow; sometimes you draw without looking at your paper (that’s called a “blind contour” and we’ll do one of those sometime too). The thing that they all have in common is that they require you to look very closely at the thing you’re drawing and to figure out how to describe it using only lines. Here’s how we’re going to make ours:

STEP ONE: Find something to draw. This should be a smallish object that won’t move: a shoe, a cup, a toy, a hat, a radish, a spatula, a bottle, a flower, a harmonica. Look around your house for something that speaks to you.

STEP TWO: Put the object on a table or desk. Put a piece of paper and a pencil or pen in front of it. Pull up a chair and have a seat.


STEP THREE: Looking very closely at the object, begin to slowly draw its outline. (If you’re not sure what this means, make sure to watch the tutorial below.) Look at the object as much or maybe more than you look at your paper. Draw SLOWWWLLY and don’t lift your pen or pencil off the paper at all until you’ve completed the object’s outline. The idea is to draw the outer shape of it. Include all the little bumps and angles you see. When you’re done, it should look like a silhouette and you should have drawn it with a single line. This outline may look wonky to you. it may not look like the thing you’re drawing, but don’t try to fix it. You’re not allowed to. Move on to step four.

STEP FOUR: Using long lines and continuing to draw slowly, fill in some of the details of the object. You can lift your pen or pencil off the paper now but try not to do it much. Try to make your lines long. This exercise is about LOOKING CLOSELY. Don’t draw lines where you think they should be - draw lines where you see them. 

Okay good luck! If you want to share your work, use the Instagram hashtags: