QAC Assignment #5: TREASURE MAP

How’s everyone doing? This has been a very weird week for all of us across the country and many of us across the globe. Are we hanging in there? Let’s keep making art. Let’s stay connected.

Speaking of staying connected, I was facetiming with my niece and nephew today and my bother-in-law Auggie popped up in the background with a treasure map he’d drawn for them. He suggested we all draw treasure maps and I thought that was an excellent idea. So there you go. Your assignment today is to draw a treasure map and the treasure it leads to. Here’s what to do:

成人版快手DRAW A MAP: When we think of treasure maps, we think of sea monsters, islands with palm trees, pirate ships, anthropomorphic clouds blowing gales upon white-capped seas. YOUR map can be of anywhere: an enchanted wood, a dystopian suburb, your backyard, your apartment that has never felt so small, all of the above, none of the above. Or your map can be a traditional treasure map leading to a pirate’s hoard. It’s totally up to you. Three things that you MUST include are: a compass rose (very important - look this up if you don’t know what it is), the name of the place you are mapping, and a red X.

DRAW THE TREASURE: The first part of this assignment is to draw a map with a red X to mark the location of hidden treasure. The second part of this assignment is to draw the treasure. I don’t know what the treasure is. Only you know what the treasure is. Draw it on a separate piece of paper from the map.

成人版快手BONUS POINTS: If you’re going to post this on instagram, I recommend formatting it with two images. Post the map first, then the treasure which the viewer will swipe to see. This will create what we in the kids book world call AN IMPACTFUL PAGE TURN. That’s the thing that happens when you’re reading a picture book and you turn the page to discover something funny or surprising. It’s kind of hard to explain, but you know a good page turn when you’ve experienced one. This assignment is an opportunity to experiment with that. Take it! If you want to share, use these hashtags:

I’m not giving assignments over the weekend but I’ll be back on Monday. Take care of yourself, your loved ones, and those in need. And wash your hands.